To celebrate the start of 2020, we have decided to organize a different kind of event. on Saturday, January 25th please come join us in Frula's Svetosavski Bal event - complete with dinner, live music, and performances from your very own Frula dancers!

This event will take place in the basement of St. Simeon Mirotocivi Serbian Orthodox Church, and will start with classical dance performances at 6:30 PM, followed by a table service dinner at 8:00 PM. Live music will be playing throughout the night by Vancouver's very own Stari Zvuci band!

This will be a "Black Tie" event, where all guests and performers are encouraged to dress up in their finest attire. Ladies - long formal gowns. Gents - formal suits with bowties.

This will surely be an amazing night, so please remember to purchase your tickets before they're all gone! Hard copy tickets can be found at Marko's Kitchen, Pizzeria GAGA, and Evergreen Community SPACES every Sunday during Frula's practices. Online tickets can be purchased through the link below:


All proceeds will be split between Frula and Kolo Srpskih Sestara, so come on down and support your local community! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at


New space for our traditional Serbian costumes (nosnje) in the upcoming Heritage Building.

Casino fundraiser to raise money for our organization.



Svetosavski bal


casino fundraiser


Since early 2019, our Executive Board has been working with Prota Obrad Filipovic and St. Simeon Mirotocivi Serbian Orthodox Church on the prospect of constructing a room in their new Heritage Building for our growing inventory of nosnje. The Heritage Building will be constructed on the church grounds and will serve as a space for storage and candle making, among other things. Frula's nosnja room will be approximately 160 square feet, and will be located on the east side of the Heritage Building's main floor. The rough blueprints of the nosnja room can be seen in the picture to the left, which we know is subject to change. Instead of a door opening into the room from within the building we will have a sturdy steel door opening towards the soccer fields, built along the east wall. This will allow us direct access to the room without needing to go through the entire building, and will save us some space as the door will not open into the room. More details will be provided in the coming months as construction of the building continues - please make sure to check back for any new updates!

Nosnja Room - Heritage Building

Svetosavski Bal held at our Church, St. Simeon Mirotocivi, on Saturday, January 25th, 2020.

Frula will have it's next casino fundraiser on March 11th and 12th of 2020! This fundraiser is what gives us the opportunity to fulfill our goals as an organization. It allows us to continue growing and funding our programs and each of their deliverables.

Please see the below Casino Volunteering Spreadsheet if you wish to sign up and help us:

We require exactly 38 volunteers in order to cover all Casino duties, with an additional 10 reserve volunteers in the case that someone can no longer attend. Each member scheduled to volunteer will fulfill their 8 hour volunteering requirement for the dance season, so sign up while there are spots available!

We have sent out an email to our members regarding how you can volunteer for this fundraiser. More emails will follow in the coming weeks outlining what rules we must follow as an organization in order for everything to run smoothly!